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Covert-Spy Presents. . .
The Most Powerful Spy Program on the Internet!


Note:  Don't Confuse This with the Other Internet Spy Programs currently being sold on the Web!  This is the ONLY software that installs remotely.  No computer access is required.  Think of the possibilities:  husband away on business using his laptop, kids at college, love interest in another part of the country (or world), employees work at home, investigate that chat partner, etc.


This is the only software of it's kind!  Now you can remotely monitor (in real time) your employee, spouse, child or love interest without even having access to their computer!!

iSpy will allow you to send a tiny file to any computer via email which will install this software on the users system.  You can then access the users hard drive, listen to the audio of the computer, view screenshots, keystrokes, chats, instant messages, emails, and much... much more!  You will not find this with any other software!

View the detailed description below!

 iSpy Software Features:

Remotely View Chats, Instant Messages, and More in Real-Time
View all instant messages, chats, passwords, usernames, websites, and more via the keystroke recording function of the software!
Read All Email
The software locates all emails on the computer and allows you to browse them.  This only works for non-web-based emails such as Outlook Express.
Remotely Browse Files
You can remotely browse the entire hard drive of the computer as well as create, delete, download, and upload files off of it.
Remote View Screenshot of the Desktop
You can remotely view actual screenshots in real-time of the computer you are monitoring as well as the wallpaper they have set as the background.
Remotely Listen to Audio
You can now remotely listen to all audio coming from the speakers of the computer you are monitoring!  This allows you to listen in on voice chat systems as well as internet phone calls!  Listen in on Yahoo, AOL, and other voice chats as well as anything coming out of the computers speakers!
View Mouse Activities
You can now remotely view the actions of the computers mouse including what was clicked and where the current location is on the monitored computers screen.
Remotely View All Running Applications
You can now view all programs running on the computer in real-time with the ability to shutdown ANY of them remotely with one mouse click!
View Computer Information
Remotely view the monitored computers system information.
Remotely Run Any Program
You can now remotely run any program on the users computer!
Other Features
Other features include opening and closing of the cd tray...
Sending messages and pictures to the monitored computer...
Viewing the current date and time of the monitored computer...
Retrieving the users ICQ account number if they have one...
The ability to connect, disconnect, turn-on, turn-off, monitoring of the computer...
Remotely remove the software from the monitored computer...
Works with Windows 95, 98, Millennium, 2000 & XT.


All you need to do is email a small blank file to the computer you wish to monitor and the program is installed automatically.  You now have full control and monitoring capabilities over the computer remotely from another location and in real-time!

iSpy Works on ANY Internet Service Provider including all versions of AOL, Compuserve, @home and any internet connection, whether it's dial-up, cable or DSL.

Purchase iSpy now and find out tonight what is really going on!

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